Together we achieve great things!

We at Adfinis help you plan, implement and run your individual OpenShift 4 instance.

Fully managed – on any cloud! 

Together we achieve great things!

We at Adfinis help you plan, implement and run your individual OpenShift 4 instance.

Fully managed – on any cloud! 

What's new in Red Hat OpenShift 4?

Red Hat OpenShift 4 is the next generation of the trusted enterprise Kubernetes Platform. It is not only designed to help organizations implement a Kubernetes infrastructure for a rapid application development and deployment. Much more it is a platform with automatic software updates and the lifecycle-management across hybrid clouds environments. Everything is built on the trusted foundation of Linux.

IT operations and developers can collaborate together and effectively deploy containerized applications.

For the developer, the possibilities are extended without having to give up old habits. For the System Engineer and the Operations Team, everything changes for this purpose, and that is basic.

Immutable Red Hat Enterprise Linux CoreOS

Operator framework

OpenShift service mesh

Knative serverless framework

Why you should use OpenShift 4 with Adfinis

This is why you need Adfinis

With our help you will get your individual OpenShift 4 platform, tailored to your needs! For a longer life expectancy, higher productivity and happier employees. But it doesn't stop after installation and migration. We also provide support, monitoring and maintenance. Thanks to our many years of experience with OpenShift, your infrastructure is in the hands of professionals.



With OpenShift 4 we can help that your Kubernetes cluster can manage itself. We guarantee that upgrades and configuration are simple, and delivered automatically or at the push of a button.


Scale infrastructure like you scale applications: intelligently and on-demand. With Adfinis OpenShift 4 automates infrastructure maintenance from the operating system on up.


We assure that the Administrators have the flexibility to selectively enable applications for developers, backed by the same operator patterns running the platform.

How Adfinis can help you

Consulting & Workshops

Adfinis is proud to offer you the tools and know how to work with open source industry leaders. Don't hesitate and take part in workshops and consulting.

Individualization & Installation

With Adfinis you enjoy the advantage that we offer your company a complete OpenShift cluster configuration based on your requirements.

24/7 Managed Service

Adfinis offers you highly available and reliable managed services for the worry-free operation of your IT landscape. We are there for you around the clock, 365 days a year.

Fast and Comfortable with OpenShift

  • With an Adfinis SyGroup managed OpenShift platform, you don’t need to care about your workloads, instead, you can focus on the development of your apps.
  • Your OpenShift is dedicated and will only contain your users, applications and services as it is not shared with anyone else.
  • We take care of the lifecycle management and coordinate platform upgrades closely with you
  • Our operations team will manage infrastructure, configuration, maintenance and security around the clock (24/7).

Companies like Barclays, Macquarie, LogistiCare, BMW Group and the Government of British Columbia take all the advantages OpenShift has to offer. Join them today!

Get OpenShift 4 now!


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